Customers Leaving Your Site Early? Here’s How to Change That

Getting customers onto your site can be an expensive, involved process. Once you’ve got them there, you don’t want to let all that work go to waste by losing them before they make a purchase. Here’s a guide to keeping customers on your site longer.

Optimize for Mobile Users

It’s no secret at this point that mobile users make up a significant portion of web traffic, more than half, in fact. That means if your site isn’t optimized for mobile users, you’re potentially missing out on half of the potential customers out there.

Mobile optimization requires rearranging the content of your site to fit on a mobile screen with easy-to-click buttons. It might take some time to perfect but it’s worthwhile. After each, a mobile site that looks just like its desktop equivalent is probably not a site that customers will stick around for.

Strong Call to Action Buttons

When customers come to your site, there should be something you want them to do. Maybe it’s signing up for an email list. Maybe it’s downloading a program. Maybe it’s just making a purchase.

Whatever the case may be, it should be obvious from looking at your landing page what action you want your visitors to take. Otherwise, how will they know what to do? By creating strong call-to-action buttons, you can keep customers on your site and increase conversions.

Minimalist Design

These days, minimalism is all the rage in web design and for good reason. Audiences respond to simple, clear sites that utilize white space well. If your site is cluttered with too much text or too many images, you can overwhelm your customers and drive them away no matter how good your business is.

Take a look at your current site and check for any possible distractions to customers. Are you providing too much information up front? Are there blocks of text you could break apart to make them more digestible? Even small changes can take your website from something that turns customers away to something that pulls them in further.

Avoid Autoplay Videos and Sounds

If you’ve ever opened a page and jumped out of your seat when a video or sound automatically started playing at full volume, you know why autoplay could be a problem. Some customers will immediately leave the site if sounds just start playing. Don’t risk driving customers away with noise they don’t want to hear.

Increase Your Site Speed

The page loading speed of your website is an obvious culprit when customers aren’t staying very long. Your customers want and even expect web pages to load at lightning-fast speeds so if you can’t deliver that, they’ll just go somewhere else.

This is an area where every second truly counts. Just a one or two-second delay in your site’s loading could be costing you thousands of lost customers. Try optimizing your site to load faster and you might be surprised how many more customers stick around.


By making some simple adjustments, you can avoid early losses and keep customers on your site long enough to make conversions.


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