5 Key Ideas in Modern Web Design

Much like with any other type of design, the most popular trends in web design are constantly evolving. Successful websites today don’t look anything like their counterparts from 15, 10, or even 5 years ago. If you want to keep up with modern web design, here are five ideas to consider adding to your site.

1 – White Space

Today’s internet users are absolutely bombarded with information. There are ads, alerts, pop-up windows, and more to distract and overwhelm customers. So, it’s no surprise that many companies are adopting a design strategy that heavily incorporates white space. Offering a much-appreciated change of pace, white space creates a site that’s easy to read and pleasant to look at.

2 – Bold Fonts

Perhaps surprisingly, vintage fonts have made a real resurgence lately. Modern consumers are drawn to big, bold fonts that convey a clear message. Don’t be afraid to choose more stylized, artistic fonts to incorporate into your web design. Just make sure the typeface of all your body text is still simple and easy to read so you don’t lower the user experience.

3 – Mobile Friendly Layout

A mobile-friendly layout is probably the most important and impactful modern design element. The majority of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. In other words, if your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you might be missing out on more than half of your customer base. Simply expecting users to adapt to your desktop layout while using a device with a screen that’s a quarter of the size isn’t going to work.

Making your site mobile-friendly means adjusting the layout for all your pages so they fit logically on smaller screens, including rescaling and resizing text and images.

4 – Minimalism

It may sound counterintuitive, but a less is more minimalistic approach is becoming the standard in modern web design. Think of a site like Apple’s. There’s not a lot of text or many images on the screen but it works beautifully. You can strategically use minimalism to remove distractions and focus your customers on the most important information on your site.

5 – Hamburger Menus

It used to be popular for a site to list a long menu of options either along the top of the site or running down the left-hand side, taking up a lot of space on the screen. While some sites are still organized that way, in recent years, a different kind of menu has become extremely popular- the hamburger menu. Characterized by three simple horizontal lines, hamburger menus are a simple way of organizing relevant links and hiding them from view when the user doesn’t need them. If you don’t already have a hamburger menu on your site, you might want to consider adding one.

Closing Thoughts

The ideal design for your site will vary greatly depending on your niche and personal design style. These are just some key ideas from modern web design to keep in mind and consider incorporating into your site.



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